Our team with specialist knowledge in structures for the regulated professions provided legal assistance to doctors at the time of the legal and financial restructuring of their group, taking place concomitantly with the retirement of some members and the arrival of new partners.

The purpose of the above was to enable retiring partners to transfer their practice to new partners under propitious tax circumstances whilst limiting debt for new, younger partners. This enabled the group to reorganize the requisite human and material resources of the practice.

Our team provided assistance during all stages of the operation, in particular regarding the:

Legal and tax review of the arrangement,

Formation of a regulated practice and the transfer of business to this practice which had previously been performed alone by each practitioner and the means and resources previously held via ad hoc non trading companies.

Setting up of rules and regulations intended to govern relationships between the partners in their professional lives.

All former partners earned a cash out made possible by the debt of the SEL