Raising awareness of the need for IP tools and providing bespoke IP assistance to several startups with a view to enhancing their know-how and triggering commercial development.

The firm works at the core of the start-up ecosystem and handles several IP assessments for young businesses with cutting edge ideas, in particular in the digital economy sector.

For any project requiring protection, our IP lawyers regularly provide assistance via:

  • the drafting of an inventory of all intangibles requiring protection (processes, innovation, tangible ideas, prototypes, drawings, expressions, signs, videos …)
  • speedy implementation of preventive measures (the SOLEAU envelope, the NDA)
  • identification of the relevant protection mechanism (patent, mark/trademark, drawings and models, copyright or secrecy) and accomplishment of the relevant formalities.

The firm’s handling of the above indispensable actions have enabled numerous startups to launch their search for funding without any worries whilst avoiding the risk of having their bold and daring projects copied due to lack of protection.