Because digital technology no longer raises issues of solely a technological or IP nature, Fiducial Legal by Lamy has built a singular approach to the digital economy. Fiducial Legal by Lamy provides broad-spectrum, solution-focused advice to key stakeholders in the e-commerce and web marketing sectors, to IT platforms and start-up accelerators and incubators and also to Software and Computing Services Companies and publishers working alongside private and public companies who are in the process of converting to digital technology. The firm has unrivalled expertise in handling this form of technological upheaval from a legal perspective and in devising adequate economic and financial models. Whilst the firm’s corporate team has extensive understanding and experience of Fintech companies and fundraising, it equally draws on the expertise and skillsets of colleagues who are especially active in the area of Big Data or with in-depth knowledge of issues related to the CNIL (the French National Commission for Data Privacy and Information Technology).